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Updated Curve Different(curve / update_curve_from_data)

The results of the existing curve and the updated curve are different.

  from mgear.core import curve

    # create curve

    # curve data 
    a = curve.collect_selected_curve_data()

    # update curve

but However, create_curve_from_data func is performed well.

514 line

if "knots" in shp_dict[sh]:
    knots = shp_dict[sh]["knots"]
    knots = list(range(len(points) + degree - 1))

616 line

knots = list(range(len(points) + degree - 1))

I guess the above line is the problem.

mgear version is 4.0.3

@1114 Thanks for the feedback. I will check that. I have created a ticket: