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Upv_ctl go's to mid_ctl when IK > FK > IK

Hi,This is My First Post in mGear Forum.

In V3.4.0
When I switch IK > FK > IK (Right crick or Synoptic Button) ,
then the upv_ctl position will go to the position of mid_ctl

Ex; leg_R0_upv_ctl go’s where leg_R0_mid_ctl is.

Used Biped Template Guide, will not happen in V3.3.1,

Hope been fixed soon.


@jerome is this the expected behaviour with the new update, correct?

Hello @Ritaro

This is indeed something expected now with the new way of calculating the position of the polevector when witching from FK to IK. When the leg or arm are really straight the pole vector position result of the snap will make the pole vector to be closer to the middle joints. The more the two joints are bend the less the pole vector position will be closer to the middle joints without going to far away either. Please try animating this in actual shots or body mechanics requiring Switch/Snap and I hope you will see that this is useful. I do understand that when you are on a fresh rig build and the rig is on bind pose that switching gives the pole vector a new position but this isn’t a bug right now.

Let me know if this is causing issues on specific cases on your side and depending on those reports I will make the required changes if needed.

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Hello, Thank you for reply.

Thank’s to my Animatior ,made a biped charater animation to Compare V3.3.1 to V3.4.0.

Moving his Left Hand form T-Pose to down Hip side,
Keys at 0f,10f,20f,
A scene ; IK only ,
B scene ; IK> FK at 10f > back to IK in 20f ,
C scene ; All Keys back to IK

Resault is V3.4.0 has more diffence in Case C scene,
because the Upvector position is diffent in two version.

I know the switching command as.
ikFkMatch(model, ikfk_attr, uiHost_name, fks, ik, upv, ikRot)
IkFkTransfer.showUI(model, ikfk_attr, uiHost_name, fks, ik, upv, ikRot)
and I’m using them at my custom synoptic Command Button.
If any request OK, how about a command of those using OLD V3.3.1 method ?.

Sincerely yours

Hi @Ritaro we will check this, but we can’t assure anything :slight_smile:

Hello @Ritaro
I will probably make some adjustments on the code so that the switch/snap reacts better on next release.

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Thank you very very much :blush: