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Using Autoskin from LipsRigger


Miquel suggested I post this question here. I’m trying to utilize the AutoSkin code from LipsRigger in our own mouth rigging solution, and was wondering if anyone else has tried something similar? I’ve got it working partially, its just not assigning final weights to all my joints.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @seanman

What do you mean by “final weights”? And what do you mean by “final weights to all my joints”? Is it skinning something, but incorrect or incomplete, or not skinning anything?

If you set aside your own mouth rigging solution for a moment, and just test mGear’s facial_rigger as it is, does it work?

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Hi Chris,
thanks for the reply! Sorry, wasn’t clear before… Yes, the original facial_rigger is working like a charm.
I was trying to use the AutoSkin in my lip rig, and it creates original weights for my lip joints, and a specified headJnt… But all the lip joint weights are Zero, and my headJnt has 100% to entire head.

So when you say, “creates original weights for my lips joints”, are you saying that the lips joints are added into the skinCluster, but set to 0.0? Or did you have weights somewhere earlier in this process that are getting overridden or lost?

From here there really is no choice but to provide more information, or share your code and describe any steps to run it. It isn’t possible to guess what might be going wrong. You are asking us to debug your code from a rough description of the end result.

Yes, exactly what you said. The lips joints are added into the skinCluster, but they are set to 0.0 I can send you the files, sent you a DM on here.