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Using Pre-existing Skeleton + Modified A-Pose?


I’m trying re-rig a model that has a pre-existing skeleton and has an unfriendly A-pose.
You can see an illustration of the model here:

I can see that it in this thread, it it is possible. But I reckon the poster is referring to an ideal pose (T-Pose,A-Pose, hands down).

Mine is a bit unconventional with the hands pointing forward. Is it still possible or will it have problems down the line (especially with the reorientation of joints)?

Thank you for looking at my problem.

Just to be clear, I’ll be using the mGear on the process.


Hi Ben,

There is not much to answer here. You already know your pose isn’t ideal. You have a skeleton which you could use to re-pose the model if you have to. Just go for it and try.


Possibly. What is the rig for? And why do you need to keep the old skeleton? For example, if it is for a game engine, maybe joint orientations will end up affecting you.

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It’s only for posing (no animation or game export).
Yea, I guess I should just try it out and see if I encounter problems.
I was just wondering, if anyone had encountered a similar scenario.

Thanks for the response.