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What plugin for facial rig?


Hi there,
I wonder what solutions you’re using for face rigging? For me, it’s mostly mGear for simple rigs, and custom layered rigs for something more advanced. But maybe there are some solutions that you’ve tested and are worth looking at?

I’m thinking about that one, but not sure I’ve it’s worth its price:

Also had a few projects to animate with Perseus Facial rig, it was fine but wouldn’t say that’s worth €200.



Hey there!

Currently I only use mGear’s eye&lips builder setups as I don’t have any characters with lots of facial expressions (yet…). I was thinking about PerseusRigger for a while now, but yeah the price is just too high. How was your experience with it?


Perseus Rig was fine to animate, but nothing special. I would say it’s super easy to create a similar setup using mGears’ rigbits and built-in components. I do not like setups like that, where you need to follow steps and it’s creating the whole thing for you - rather modular solutions are better for me, that’s why I was thinking about FemtoRig.
Maybe someone had a chance to work with it?