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Wing Rigging [Question]

Hi everyone,

What would be the best approach to rig wings/feathers using mGear?

Haven’t found any documentation or tutorial about it.


What approach do you currently use for wings/feathers?

I am just doing RnD for an upcoming project and thought I could use chain net component but I am not sure.

I am still working on my bird template. Maybe this will help you get started?
I am using Chain Net components. But you can see that I could swap some out with a normal chain component.

I used a hydraulic component to pin the base of the wing to the body. Using it as a parent for the Scapula Master.

I hope you come back to the forum and share your results.



This is awesome. Thanks!

I just didn’t understand the hydraulic component part.

I’m using the hydraulic as a parent to the scapulaMaster. Using the Tip Reference Array to keep the tip constrained to the base of the spine. This keeps the base of the wing connected to the body of the bird.