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Without ikRot control, IK/FK does not seem to work - 3.2.0

Hi there!

I am using mGear 3.2.0,and on a recent version of the rig I disabled ‘IK separated Trans and Rot ctl’ to have only one IK control in the hands and feet. I’m using ‘arm_2jnt_01’, and when doing an IK/FK from the picker, this error:

Can’t find object : arm_L0_ikRot_ctl
Can’t find object : arm_L0_ikRot_mth
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:/Users/18182/Documents/maya/2019/scripts\mgear\synoptic\”, line 123, in mousePressEvent
utils.ikFkMatch(model, ikfk_attr, uiHost_name, fks, ik, upv, ikRot)
File “C:/Users/18182/Documents/maya/2019/scripts\mgear\synoptic\”, line 665, in ikFkMatch
transform.matchWorldTransform(ikRotTarget, ikRotNode)
File “C:/Users/18182/Documents/maya/2019/scripts\mgear\core\”, line 537, in matchWorldTransform
sWM = source.getMatrix(worldSpace=True)
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getMatrix’

I looked at the code, and the ikRot argument is optional. I tried using a fresh biped template with the default synoptic, and I get the error too.

I’ll try to update to the latest version of mGear and use another arm guide to see if that gets rid of the issue, but in the meanwhile I though it was worth mentioning.


I looked a little deeper, and it looks like there are some attributes that I need to edit in the synoptic (widget.ui) to break that dependency. I had to edit the as well after, as it did not seem to pick the changes I made to the .ui.

But anyway, removing all the references to ikRot in the synoptic/picker does the job, so the problem with IK/FK matching is gone. I’ll leave this here just in case someone has the same problem in the future.

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Exactly, the synoptic and new Anim picker is configured to work with the biped template. If you change your template the picker configuration, including IK/FK match and others needs to update the configuration.


Thanks a lot, Miquel!

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