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Wrist rotation problems

I’m having a problem with the wrist selection flipping the bones, it seems to be a bug

form mGear 3.7.11

Hi welcome,

I don’t think this is an mGear bug. I think this is a basic issue with euler rotation. You are rotating past 90 degrees. (Your wrist would also act funny, if you did that. :slight_smile: )

You can try changing your rotateOrder to something that is more stable on the axis that you want to rotate past 90 degrees. Depending on what is flipping, you might need to change the rotate order on the joint, or the nodes that are driving it.

Because he is a matrix output message, adjusting the RotateOrder value of the skeleton is also unchanged, and it seems that mGear still has a lot of bugs

I am looking at this effect by creating the default settings and this is the result, you can try my version of mGear 3.7.11, I can’t find a solution

A thread from 2011. If you want to go past 90 degrees, there are some ideas and workarounds that might help you:


Thank you for your answer, I knew about the Euler angle, but I always thought it was the _rollSplineKine node that caused it, when the Y-axis went beyond the midline and skipped frames, at the moment it can only be barely solved by adjusting the Subdiv to 10, but the result is not ideal.

you could ev use an extra freedom CTL on the Wrists

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I know, but I’d like to know the reason for this skeleton flip, because it really is a mistake.