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Z-Up Quadruped template rigging

mGear 4.0.3

Trying to figure my through the Quadruped Template. It’s Y-Up. would rotating Guide group by 90-X for Z up break things? Quick build seems okay, but haven’t tested extensively.

2nd thing is the spine seems to be lacking the tangent guide objects that Neck and Biped templates have. Quick build produces similar tangent control as Neck and Biped templates even though I don’t see the guide objects. Is there a way to add this myself? or some other way of adjusting the curvature of the spine guide curve?

Get something like the red dotted line

Also how to get leaf style twist joints like UE templates? all other templates generate chain style twist joints and I can’t see any settings that determines which way that’s set

I think you can use s-spine component for that


I’ll give those a go. I should have seen the components labeled “EPIC” earlier too!


Im praying someone can actually make a z-up quadraped template that actually functions correctly… Im praying to the universe that this gets solved as it looks like its on the Jira board.