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Anim Layer Bug Solution


I found a problem (and solution) with the Maya Anim Layers when using Mgear.

I’m using mGear version 4.0.9.
When trying to add controllers into an anim layer, it would only add a few and then stop. I would have only successfully added 3-8 controllers to my Anim Layers.

I found out this is because Maya added certain AnimCurves to the anim layers too, which prevented anything after this to be added to the layer.

The solution I found was to disable “Add Internal Proxy Channels” in the guide settings.
However, adding proxy attributes in post scripts does not seem to cause the same issue, and is safe to do.

I hope this is helpful. Have a nice day!

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Nice, thanks for sharing a workaround.

What version of Maya?

Yes, we’ve known for years that proxy channels are full of bugs. I never use them. This (probably) isn’t (really) an mGear bug, so I’m moving this to Rigging General.