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Component Name changing bug?


This strange thing happens sometimes when I’m attempting to rename a root component which ultimately stops shifter from building. I know it’s a simple solution but can be a pain if you’re Naive about it.

Sometimes when I’m renaming a component root, mgear adds an extra [ “L0” or “R0” ] suffix to the name. Can someone confirm this as a bug?:

It will give you this error if left unnoticed:


Yep it’s a bug.

It seems to happen when you try to edit guides while the rig still exists in your scene, because the names of *_root are not unique.


yep this is log here:

I hope to have time to fixed soon


I encountered the same thing.
The log linked is actually only the first part of the bug.

When I rename the guide the first time it works, the second time while keeping the dialog open adds the second side index. (Even after fixing the linked issue.)

I could investigate a little to see if it is related.


Actually this part is breaking it.
Whenever the name is not unique, the .name() could return a full path and cause the length of that split to be greater than 3. Which works for the children, but the root expects a length of 3.


Hi @Jeroen,

Thanks for all the comments and pull request on github. I will check/reply all ASAP. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome :slight_smile:.

I have a fix lying around for what I mentioned above, should I create a pull request and reference #70?


@Jeroen yes please! create the pull request!

I didn’t have time to check all yet (We are in crunch time at the office. I hope to find some time this week or the weekend. My apologies for being slow :stuck_out_tongue: )


@Miquel No worries man! :slight_smile: