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Game Locomotion Joint


Can someone help me with how I can get a joint placed at 0,0,0 and act like a rootMotion joint for a game Engine?
This is my current setup:

At the moment if I build the rig the rootMotion/Locomotion joint moves with the body_C0_ctl
I would like to have a switch on the Locomotion controller so that it stay with the world, or can move with the body.

Any ideas?


I don’t think there is a way to assign the world_ctl to the IK Reference Array of a control. You could make a dummy world control outside of the global control and use it as the world space reference.
Something like this (settings for Locomotion_C0_root):

You can always turn off all the keyable channels on the dummy so it can only be moved by the world_ctl.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Lucas.
I can’t seem to get what your showing here.
Any chance you could supply a very simple maya file?


Sure here’s a Maya file. Its built with mGear 3.0.5.