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Game Locomotion root control for Mannequin

Hi Everyone! I am new to Mgear and rigging in General (long time animator trying to join the ranks). So sorry if this is a simple question:

I’m currently trying to understand how to animate the locomotion root in the current mgear 3.7.11’s mannequin template for unreal. I would want to create a control for the root that wont affect the rest of the hierarchy. Is there a suggested workflow? I figure Maybe I’m missing a silly button somewhere or maybe I should add to the template.

I’ve found this archived thread regarding the same issue but this is an outdated version of mgear and also not using the mannequin template.

Thanks for your time in advance!

This is really easy with mGear.

Create a Control01 at 0.0.0 world oriented and joint. I usually set reference as a name and a arrow as shape.

Parent the body under itlike this:


Open settings of the body component and add Ik Reference Array, local and global:

Once built it should be like this:

you can move the arrow anywhere without affecting the rest of the skeleton, perfect for root motion input.

Hope it helps,



Thanks so much for your Help Milio!
I will try this ASAP and let you know if it worked.


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