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Issues with Anim Picker on Retina/High DPI Monitors

Hey all,

We’ve been working on integrating MGear into our pipeline and unfortunately we’re running into issues with the anim picker on retina monitors. The mouse location is offset from where the anim picker thinks it is:

It seems that the bottom left corner is accurate and the further I move to the top right corner the further away it thinks my mouse is. I’ve been trying to fix this bug, but I’m struggling to find the right place in code to either:
A. Change the mouse position to the correct one
B. Resize the picker itself to match the mouse position
C. Enable a HighDPI setting in OpenGL to avoid this.

Would someone be able to point me in the right direction for how to fix this bug?


Hello @JxE thanks for the feedback about the issue on OSX

We (mgear dev team) have to research it. We usually work Windows, but I have an old Mac Mini to give support to Mac users. I will take it to the office today to see if we can find the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton Miquel! One thing to note is that this doesn’t happen on a second non-retina monitor running on our macs, it’s only on retina monitors. I don’t have a 4k monitor to test here, but it’s very possible this issue also occurs on retina monitors with windows as well.

I have an iMac, so I’ll be looking into this a bit too this week, and see if I can help solve anything.

I’m rigging on a Mac, but developing for Windows animators, so I want to find a good cross-platform solution too.

FYI @Rafael is also looking at this. :slight_smile:

Our animator cannot use mGear because the picker does not work on his Macbook Pro. Do you think this issue will be fixed anytime soon? If not, we’ll have to train our rigging contractors to use our internal picking system.

Hello @Count_zer0

I think is time to get a MacBook for development :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know which model is using the animators? Any MacBook air/pro will be good for dev? I meant if you know if the issue showup in any variant?

@chrislesage did you had the chance to check this?

I think it’s the “retina display” that has the double-density pixel ratio.

@Count_zer0 @JxE
I will buy a macbook by the end of November to check on this and future support. I hope the time frame is not too late for you.

Meanwhile I have started and little fundraising campaign to help me pay for the machine.

Please help if you can (or ask your studio to help :wink: ) Thanks!

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No not yet! I’ve been too busy, but I am trying to get the Anim Picker working on our end too, within a week or two. (That’s what I was hoping a month ago too.) I have access to 4k and 5k screens here, for testing. If I find anything, I’ll push my changes, asap.

Ironically, I don’t have a Windows or Linux machine to test!

Right now I’m scraping by with the old Synoptic, but it is a big pain to edit and modify. (Unless I’m doing something terribly wrong.)

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Thanks! @chrislesage :slight_smile: