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Keeping Transform axis on rig generation

Hey is it possible when generating the rig in mgear that it keeps the axis of the control nodes?

Im working on setting up Blendshape controllers however the axis resets upon generation

so I need to ask how would you tackle this?

Uncheck World Orientation Align on Component Settings tab.


Ah that did the job, Thanks! also I gotta ask, with mGear is it possible to create dynamic/physics controlled joint chains?

Joint chains…

I could use some help figuring out how to compile though…

The code is being reviewed for being merged into mgear, so it may not be necessary to learn how to compile just to do this.

Getting a working build for me was pure trial and error. I installed Python scons package, put explicit paths into buildAll.bat like this:

C:\Python27\Scripts\scons.bat -j8 no-cache=1 x64=1 with-maya=2020 mscver=14.1

and fixed python errors one by one until it stopped complaining at me.

One error at a time. :slight_smile: Okay back to it. See if I can figure something out. :slight_smile: