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Mgear EPIC guide

Hi there.
I really want to have controls in the middle of two others, how can I do it?
I usually use parentConstraints, but bugs appear

Hi welcome. What does the question have to do with EPIC guides in your title?

And what is the bug you’re trying to show? You likely want a point constraint between two objects, otherwise, when you rotate, you’ll get the blend of the transform behaviour, not the position behaviour.

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Hi. Sorry for not making me understand, my first time in a forum.
I only use EPIC controls.
I want to achieve the same result as in the video, but with parentConstreint doesn’t work very well.

Oh I see, I thought the gif was trying to show the problem.

What do you mean “doesn’t work very well”? Can you show what happens? parentConstraints and pointConstraints are not the same. parentConstraints include rotation. So if you just want to stick in the middle, use a pointConstraint.

If you want it to rotate halfway too, then use a pointConstraint + orientConstraint. And make sure to set the orientConstraint blending to “shortest” or “no flip”.

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Of course, when I use parentConstraint this happens.
I create the parent Constraint in the Root group of the cube control. I don’t know if it’s correct to do it like this.
Should I just use Point and Orient Constraint?

Set the blending of the parentConstraint to “shortest” or “no flip”. That should fix the flipping. (Although it almost looks like you maybe have a cycle dependency too. Are you getting cycle warnings in the script editor?)

Whether you use parent or orient+point depends on the behaviour you want. They are not the same thing. More info here: Point + Orient or Parent


I don’t get any warning.
Changing the Parent Constraint setting helped me. Thank you very much
Yes you right They are not the same thing.

Maybe you want to check the chain_net_01 component :wink: