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Rotation space switch for control_01?



Here’s a simple question.
Is there a way to keep control_01 joint rotating in world space when rotating it’s parent control (joint)?


Do you mean:
a) When you manipulate the parent control, the control_01 should not follow at all?
b) When you rotate the parent control, control_01 should follow in translation, but its rotation should be isolated? Or are you talking about just the joint?
c) When you rotate the parent control, the control_01 joint’s rotation values should be in world coordinates, but still follow?
d) OR do you simply mean you can’t find a way to make it follow world space in the ikrefarray?

a) Use a parentConstraint or orientConstraint or a space switch on the control_01’s ikrefarray.

b) Use an orientConstraint. If it is on the joint, you might have to break the connection to the rotation first, before constraining.

b) If you mean you want a space switch that ONLY follows rotation, you could make a 2nd fake control_01, put a full space-switch on that, and then orientConstraint your real control_01 to that. (There are other ways than this too.)

c) Parent the joint under a node that is in world space.

d) Consider a fake hidden control, and parent it under the world. Use it as a space switch.

(This answer got so long, I should have just asked what you meant.)


Thank you for the quick answer, Chris!

Sorry for not being clear in my initial question, didn’t realize there’s so many options. The b) is the one I meant. The rotation of the control and the joint should remain in world (or parent, parent) space, but the translation should follow parent. I will try it over the weekend.

In my case I want to create bike pedals. Some time ago I had to create a tie for my character and I ended up using a shoulder_01 element on top of the tie chain. And it actually worked flawlessly! Would be nice to have a similar functionality inside control_01.

In case I want automate these constraints and create an animatable switch for this I should look into post-steps, right? Or maybe even deconstruct the shoulder guide into a simpler one :upside_down_face:?


I did something similar in a post script for head rotation isolation. I posted the script here: Rotation isolation on FK component


Looks like the exact thing I was looking for! Thank you!


You’re welcome. If you have any questions about the script don’t hesitate to ask and I will try to help :slight_smile:



Sorry for the late reply here.

I did add the option to constraint using rotation in control_01 long ago…but I forgot to expose it :stuck_out_tongue:

The code is here

you can set it manually by like here

you need at less 2 spaces if not it will fall back to change the hierarchy.

I will fix it on the next release . indeed this is an old thicket:


Space switching

It feels like Christmas! :pray: