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Ui issue with anim picker on 4k monitor and interface scaling

@jghg02 did you managed to reproduce the issue on your side?

@Miquel Yes I can reproduce the error.
I have a solution but I have a problem to try testing. Later I keep trying

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I can also reproduce it on my side. So if you don’t find a solution, I am trying hard to find time this week to investigate and fix the Anim Picker scaling issues. I can look at this at the same time.

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Hi @Rafael.
Do you have any documentation to try generate a release of mGear to test the new feature/modifications?
I try to generate a version with Scons but always get an error.


Have you checked this?

Yes @Miquel I checked each item in the list.
But when I execute scons command. I get an error

I think the error is because of any wrong configuration.

@jghg02 @chrislesage @JxE

Let me know if this latest commit fixes this picker offset issue. Seemed to be an OpenGL issue on mac/Pyside2-2.0.0.alpha


@Rafael Yes, this is working! Thank you very much! :fire:

On Mac Retina:

Also the problem @jghg02 posted, where some text was being cut off while the guides were being built, but this is also fixed. Nice work Raf! Ui issue with anim picker on 4k monitor and interface scaling



Nice. Good Job
I will continue configuring everything to be able to collaborate with the development of the tool

@chrislesage Do you have all configuration to create a build of mGear on Mac OS?

@jghg02 No I don’t. I’m working from a my own customized version. And for unreleased updates, I just grab the code from the repos and haphazardly merge it into my custom version. I’m not even certain what “create a build” exactly means. :sweat_smile:

@Rafael Awesome! :smiley:

@chrislesage Thanks. Ok ok I’m trying to generate a version of mGear… But I have a question. How to load your own customized version into Maya without use scons? Could you share how you do that?
I have some ideas to improve the code about mGear but I can’t test anything…

Oh I see, I just found the build instructions. I hadn’t even ever seen that page. I’ve never actually built mGear. I just work from the release. Or mash in important changes from the repo that I want to grab. If I do a PR, I move my changes from the release that I’ve edited, back into the forked submodule. I’m probably missing some very productive ways of working, and the ability to do larger architectural changes. I should learn that stuff. But you’re asking the wrong person, sorry. :slight_smile:

Thanks @chrislesage… Only one question more.
How do you load mGear in Maya? For example you put al code of mGear into Script folder in maya and then into script editor (Maya) load the main script to apear mGear menu in Maya.
What are the steps you do to do this?

This is my first post.
First, thank you so much for everyone’s hard work to keep this prj alive!!
Really excited to use mGear.

I just downloaded and installed 3.6
And I just want to let you know that the code hasn’t been fixed yet and I am still getting the UI error.

Used @JimBo_Drew’s fix and now it works.
Thank you so much!

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Just to explain, 3.6 was released in May, and all of these fixes won’t be included until the next release. But the latest code is always available on Github, if you’re comfortable with Python.


Thank you so much for the quick reply!
I am pretty confident with Python but I haven’t used GitHub.
Sorry for the newbie question but how can I sync my ~/maya/modules folder with the latest code?
Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!

Short answer: Don’t.

Longer answer, you should be saving to a separate production location. Installing with a module path in Maya.env and testing thoroughly before pushing anything into production. Don’t just download code into your modules folder and hope everything is going to keep working.


Great I’ll do that. Thanks again for your help!!