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Workshop: Facial Data-centric Rigging

New workshop for Facial rigging using Data-centric workflow

Also a little extra! :wink:

Sample data from the talk:
NOTE: This is not the support material to follow along with the workshop. This is the data related to the CEDEC talk. But I guess some custom steps will be the same or very similar :wink:


Yes!!! I’ve been holding my breath for this, thank you Miquel!

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Thank you Miquel for sharing!

Gracias Miquel!

When is the extra content coming to Gumroad?

This week. Just want to finish a few more videos :wink:


if possble, show us how you would rig a more complex face with joints and blendshapes - also how to export for game version would be really usefull

thank you

the workshop example is not meant to be used in games because it is using layered local rigs and keep connections live between layers.

That is something that nos supported by game engines. At less not yet (Ozone adds that functionality to Unreal. Check the last podcast episode with Richard Hurray for more info :wink:

But if there is many people interested I can add a few chapters to focus on the classic game rigging approach :wink:


Gracias Miquel

indeed are most od my jobs in the last 2 years mainly for unity and Unreal export.

I would be very gratefull if you can do, at least a short video on this topic even if it costs extra.

I love to learn Mgear but i still have a lot to learn.

Is unity export and mocap loading capabilities possible without problems?



Yes! please! I am interested too on rigging for game (particularly Unity, haven’t delved into Unreal Engine yet) :slight_smile:



yes!! I’ve been waiting for this one!!
gracias Miguel!!

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New videos and the Support files package are available :slight_smile:

The new videos are 2560x1440 and 60fps. (at the time posting this some of the videos still processing the HD version :stuck_out_tongue: )


wow, thanks so much!!!



I’ am following this video in the series and when I try to run:

from mgear.rigbits import ghost
import pymel.core as pm


I keep getting “invalid syntax” even If I’m doing exactly what you did in the video. Any assistance?

ghost.ghostSlider(pm.PyNode(“control_C0_ctl_ghost”), pm.PyNode(“nurbsSphere1”), pm.PyNode(“parent_slider”))

the use of [ ] and the () position was wrong

also python is case sensitive Pynode should be PyNode

So what should it be. Sorry I have zero knowledge of python so Im just mimicking for now.
EDIT: Got through after trial and error. My Gosh

By the way, when posting Python code, use triple backticks. 3 of these `

Then your code will show up without smart-quotes and will be easier to read and edit.

# With code formatting
import pymel.core as pm

Without code formatting

import pymel.core as pm

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Thanks. You guys are getting me sucked into the python vortex that I have resisted for so long. Oh well, hope the learning curve isn’t terrible.

Go for it! it will make so many things so much easier and faster once you learn it. Even simple basics like looping over things, or finding and selecting things can really help.