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How to create multiple toes on the foot?


I’m trying out mgear for the first time to rig a model of a bear’s skeleton. I was wondering how you would go about creating the toes/ fingers for the paws along with the foot roll guides?

I’m also wondering how to create the guides for the spine if I want a bone for each vertebrae of spine and also for the neck?


Hello @horatiob and welcome to the forum.

I would say that one of the first thing to do when using starting mGear is to take the guide manager and create a component for each one that that comes with Shifter (classic components) and build those and analyze the differences between them and specially their behavior. This will already get you a good idea of what you need and what actually is in there. I always tell my students that mGear is like ingredients in a kitchen and it is up to you to build your recipe… I know this is silly :yum:

The Foot component has options in order to choose how many rolling joints you want to use. Then you can build your toes with another component like simple chains… It is up to you really.

Lastly I recommend that you search posts on this forum because some other people might have already ask the same question. I can point you to this 3 posts.

This 3 posts explain some of the (extra) manipulations you might need to do to setup a pawn type of system with mgear.

Hope this helps you.


Thank you for responding!

I will try what you said and do some more testing with the guide manager,

I did see some of these posts before hand - I don’t suppose you still have that video you sent in the first one, so that I could check it out myself to see if there’s anything I could learn from it? If not, no worries!

I still have the video yes. Here’s a new link for it.
By the way this was done on the rig that was sent to me by @mackerB so not everything might apply to yours.

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That’s okay - I think I might be starting to get somewhere with it.